Breakthrough Performance

GNA Inc builds a culture of breakthrough level performance based on trust and empowerment of key employees and leaders. Real accountability-based management is the new paradigm. Employees achieve breakthrough levels of results in ways that you can’t even imagine. The business culture becomes one in which everyone wins.

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Sales Increase
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GNA provides business consulting and leadership training to the following industries:

  • Restoration/Emergency Services
  • General Construction
  • Remodeling

GNA consulting and coaching touches all aspects of the construction & restoration business including sales and marketing, production, finance, HR, strategic planning, succession planning and exit strategies. During our 20 years of working closely with the industry, we have consistently brought greater profitability and efficiency to construction companies of all sizes.


Our team brings comprehensive experience and expertise in solving complex issues. We design your business culture with practices that drive greater profitability and performance, building leadership and accountability right into your management teams, where you need it the most, so you can have the freedom as an owner, to just be an owner.

What GNA offers is practices and strategies that produce breakthroughs in the performance of the entire business.


GNA expertise is in integrating a leadership model that builds ownership, accountability, and focus at all levels, succession plans, and exit strategies.


For the last 30 years GNA has been in conversations with thousands of people to design extraordinary solutions to everyday business problems.


The value that GNA provides is to co-create new ways for people to communicate and collaborate together giving you the most productive and profitable business culture possible.


What makes GNA’s approach unique and the reason it’s so successful, we recognize that your human capital is the most valuable resource you have.  It’s also the place where you have the greatest capacity to dramatically improve production capacity and profitability.  GNA puts people at the center of your business operations, therefore they thrive at work, productivity goes way up, the business makes more money, everyone wins. 

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