Breakthrough Performance

GNA Inc builds a culture of breakthrough level performance based on trust and empowerment of key employees and leaders. Real accountability-based management is the new paradigm. Employees achieve breakthrough levels of results in ways that you can’t even imagine. The business culture becomes one in which everyone wins.

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GNA provides business consulting and leadership training to the following industries:

  • Restoration/Emergency Services
  • General Construction
  • Remodeling

GNA consulting and coaching touches all aspects of the construction & restoration business including sales and marketing, production, finance, HR, strategic planning, succession planning and exit strategies. During our 20 years of working closely with the industry, we have consistently brought greater profitability and efficiency to construction companies of all sizes.


Our team brings comprehensive experience and expertise in solving complex issues. We design your business culture with practices that drive greater profitability and performance, building leadership and accountability right into your management teams, where you need it the most, so you can have the freedom as an owner, to just be an owner.

Coaching & Consulting services we provide

Executive Coaching

We offer step by step one to one coaching in practices & behaviors that tee up breakthrough level performance.

Leadership Development

We distinguish what great leadership is and what it isn’t. We help you create leadership friendly environments inside the business that inspire ownership and accountability.

Team Leader Empowerment

We work with key employees to empower their ability to build teams around them. We coach them in their own ability to coach others in the distinctions and behaviors of Breakthrough Level Performance.

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