"Greg has made an amazing difference in our business, in a very short period of time."
Tom Marx
"I’d recommend Greg to anybody that wants to work less and yet not give up anything in terms of volume or income or anything; and also make the employees happier."
Jeff Farley
Custom Restoration
"Right from the beginning I could see results. Our marketing and sales are going well, and I would recommend him highly."
Patrick Miller
Bohemian Stoneworks
"Greg has enhanced our business to be more enjoyable, more focused, and more profitable."
Paul Cooper
Pipe Spy
"I highly recommend you call Greg. You will see the results."
Mark Labourdette
Design Build Specialist
"We’ve increased almost 10 points in profit margin over two and half years. Our net has gone up. Our overhead is looking very good.” When I worked previously with Stratton, I felt a lot of isolation. I felt alone in the company of many people. I felt I was completely on my own. With Greg’s coaching, we’ve changed that. We are together. We are strong. We are unified. We work together, and we are producing great results financially and otherwise."
Stratton Restoration
From Greg Neil: Before I started working with a company in Southern California, the team was demotivated and demoralized. The owner was completely burned out. It took me months of working with the team, before anyone even smiled in a meeting. Months! Now, they are killing it. The woman who does all the estimating has been meeting her goal of $400,000 – $500,000 a month consecutively, which is huge! She said to me the other day, “yeah, I could do a million”. When her manager asked her about motivation, she replied “I want the possibility to manage, coach, and have 10 people on my team”. Which means the owner is now able to branch out and open new locations. In another company, there is a project manager that thought having $200,000 or so in WIP was a lot. Now, he is cruising at $600,000 to $1,000,000, with gross profit margins moving up 20-25 points. This is off the charts!

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