From Greg Neil, CEO, GNA, Inc.

There is only one thing I do, and that is business executive coaching. I coach people to have levels of success that they really want; that they have always wanted and never had, and that they have never even dreamed as possible yet.

In the most functional business cultures where employees are thriving at work accomplishing new, higher levels of productivity resulting in performance breakthroughs, businesses are very profitable and successful. These higher levels of productivity live between people doing what they are inspired to do and what they are committed to do.


GNA Engages People

In all the national surveys of people’s actual engaged effort is 30%. They’re about 30% productive of their optimum discretionary effort. And, it’s been hovering at 30% for decades.

We build the foundational infrastructure to support people thriving at work at every step and all levels of the business, from interviewing new potential employees all the way to collecting final monies.

GNA is changing the way the industry does business. When you offer employees honor, dignity, autonomy, accountability, and respect, they thrive at work, productivity goes way up, and profits follow. We inspire win/win scenarios, where what is best for the employee turns out to be what is best for the business. The last 22 years of success with businesses demonstrates that when leaders take care of their people, when they have an affinity for them and take action consistent with that – supporting employees, empowering them, coaching them—employee engagement goes up dramatically. This freedom-based management is the new paradigm. In empowered business cultures, employees become the driving force of the business.


GNA Vision

When we say “the business”, what we’re referring to is the people that work in that business. At GNA our experience has been that a very high percentage of employees are not only basically good, but sometimes even great, and sometimes completely awesome.

The defining characteristic that moves businesses from Good to Great is not only how well they take care of their customers, but how well they take care of their employees.

Everyone loves playing for the winning team. GNA says that every business has the opportunity to be great by supporting the greatness of the people working in that business.


How We Do This

We combine your expertise in your business with our expertise in breakthrough technology to work together in partnership for the success of your business. GNA has over 22 years of experience in business consulting and leadership training. GNA is headquartered in Arizona with national coverage capability.

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