The Drift, The Gap, and The Breakthrough

Micromanagement vs. Authentic Leadership

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online November 16, 2017.Micromanagement

Recently in working with a couple companies in my consulting business, two GM’s expressed the concern that if everything in the business was working, and they delegated and trusted their key people to get their jobs done, what would be left for them to do? Good question! That’s what this article is speaking to.

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The Winning Formula / Power Practices

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online July 17, 2017.WinningFormula_1

Of course everyone wants really great performance in their business, but not everyone is willing to take the time to really understand how to design the business for that: what it looks like, what practices and procedures support that, and what gets in the way of a business reaching the levels of success you really want. The evidence for this is just look around you. Talk to the many owners at the conferences, and really listen.

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Professional Coachable Behavior
Part 2 of Power Practices

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online July 17, 2017.

The first thing we see in very professional behavior is people are coachable. I think the best way to understand this is to look at the whole range of behaviors from expensively unworkable to highly productive and profitable:

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Impeccable Integrity
The Ability and Willingness to Give and Keep Your Word


From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online July 17, 2017.

This is the last step and source component for all the “power practices” is integrity. Personal and professional integrity. Without integrity, nothing works. Without the ability for your staff to give and keep their word, commitments can’t be met, projects can’t be delivered on time, contracts can’t be fulfilled, and customers can’t be taken care of the way you really need them to be.

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Linking Emotional Intelligence and Profit

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online June 22, 2017

I first became aware of the idea of emotional intelligence when the buzz around Daniel Goleman’s book hit the street in 1995. I have been wanting to write something on this for almost that long, because in working with teams and employees individually, I see over and over how important both cognitive and emotional intelligence is.

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Millennials 101: A Lack of Understanding Shouldn’t Equal a Bad Rap

First of a three-part series on the best ways to successfully manage millennials.Millennials-101.

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online March 20, 2017

So many business owners call or email me regarding how to work with and manage the growing numbers of millennial in their employ.

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Millennials 101: Embracing Their Talents

Second of a three-part series on the best ways to successfully manage millennials.Millennials-101

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online April 18, 2017

This is the second of a three-part series in answer to the many questions I have been hearing from business owners as to the best way to successfully manage the younger generation of millennials when it feels like nothing is working.

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Millennials 101: Inspiring Accountability Across All Generations

Third of a three-part series on the best ways to successfully manage millennials.Millennials-101_part3

From Article Published In Restoration & Remediation Online May 22, 2017

In the previous two articles (part 1 and part 2), I wrote about how millennials seem to have such a bad rap from so much misunderstanding, and then dove into just what their best talents are and how to utilize them.

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Real AccountabilitiesReal Accountabilities

As a business consultant, I have noticed over the years there is a lot of misunderstanding around Real Accountability.

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Real Accountability & Employee Ownership

Engaged EmployeesFrom Article Published In RIA’s Cleaning & Restoration February 2017

Real accountability is where employees take ownership of everything around them and behave like an owner. The BIG SECRET to having employees fully committed and engaged is in actually treating them like owners.

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What is Lean Construction and Why Should I do my Projects on a Lean Basis?

Lean construction is a new way to design and build. Lean theory, principles, techniques, and practices, taken together, are the foundation for a new form of project management. From its roots in production management, lean construction has produced significant improvements, particularly on complex, uncertain and quick projects.

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10 Useful Ideas on Systems Thinking

At the heart of systems thinking is the holistic principle of inter-connectedness. I compiled the following list to make this core idea translatable to daily life.
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What is the Last Planner System?

Normally, a PM hires numerous Subs to perform specialty roles. These Subs interact with each other to produce the finished spaces. Each Sub naturally acts in their own interests seeking to optimize their use of their labor, equipment, and materials.

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Building Success With Your Employees

I was in a meeting with a company last week when one of the project managers said he was having trouble with one of the lead carpenters he manages, and was wondering if it was wise to have that lead continue to run jobs.

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Why Traditional Management Doesn’t Work

Traditionally, the management of a company and all the responsibility has always fallen on the shoulders of the owner. This model of management carries over from the Dark Ages of kings and serfs, in the same way we still build roads based on the width of two horses side by side. We really are ready for a new way of thinking.

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Adults Learn by Doing

Studies have shown that adults will forget within a year at least 50% of what they learn in a passive way.

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Paradigmatic Change

This book grew out of Kuhn’s research on the history of science. Before Kuhn’s work, the prevailing view of knowledge building in science was that it was a linear process centered on the so-called “scientific method.”

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How Do You Have Your Company Be Built to Last a Lifetime?

The first thing is, don’t try to do it all yourself. It’s exhausting, it takes twice as long, and ultimately it doesn’t give you what you want. You need a team to get started, and a particular kind of team that wants to go wherever you’re going.

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Evaluate Your Performance All Through the Year

I was meeting with a Contractor yesterday as we were reviewing his profit and loss and job cost spreadsheets, and I was reminded of how, no matter how many times we hear it, it bears repeating:

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The Secret to Having Happy Employees

Updated and adapted from the book 1,001 Things They Won’t Tell You: An Insider’s Guide to Spending, Saving, and Living Wisely by Jonathan Dahl and the editors of SmartMoney.

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Lean Practices for Businesses

 by Jerry Kilpatrick

Lean Methods and Practices for Businesses to eliminate waste, increasing value, decreasing costs, and Improving Productivity; Effective, Profitable Scheduling and Coordination.

Principles of Lean Thinking

by Mary Poppendieck

How can things be structured so that the enterprise does nothing but add value, and does that as rapidly as possible? All the intermediate steps, all the intermediate time and all the intermediate people are eliminated. All that’s left are the time, the people and the activities that add value for the customer.
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Promise Based Management

by Donald N. Sull and Charles Spinosa

By examining the commitments people make to colleagues and customers, executives can figure out why work stalls and how to get it moving again.

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Language Action Perspective

by Terry Winograd

Earlier version presented at the Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, Austin, December, 1986, pp. 203-220. Reprinted in Greif, Irene (Ed.), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: A Book of Readings, San Mateo, California: Morgan-Kaufmann, 1988, 623-653.
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Time Management – Getting Yourself Organized

Slides from the 2014 New Orleans Crawford Contractor Connections Conference.

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Published By: The Restoration Industry Association


Published By: The Restoration Industry Association