Greg Neil has over 20 years’ experience as a business owner, facilitator, and consultant. Greg has had tremendous success in helping leaders reshape the skills, processes, and cultural characteristics that bring new practices for business operations to achieve their goals. His expertise in designing new ways for leaders and their teams to develop previously impossible capabilities to perform work, putting teams at the center of the process and leaving executives the freedom to design the future. His contributions to company profitability and efficiency happens through increasing productivity by unleashing each person’s greatest potential, designing practices of accountability, implementing powerful practices of reporting, tuning up metric drivers, improving meeting effectiveness, improving communication between leaders /staff, and using personality diagnostics to increase understanding and communication skills.

When working with individual Executives Greg offers coaching on the following but not limited to: Engaging your team in a result driven approach where everyone is aligned on the vision and knows they make a difference; Coaching to become a leader who has complete control by giving up control and allowing employees to flourish; Increasing leadership communication and effective management. Bringing Integrity to conversations allowing open communication and “straight talk” with teams; Coaching to allow team members to feel heard; Having accountability through enrollment and inspiration; Improving morale and buy in from team; Creating a culture of continuous learning; Creating alignment on vision and future planning with team; Understanding breakdowns as a way for teams to access breakthroughs gaining strength, power, and effectiveness; using acknowledgment as a tool to increase the results and behaviors you want and having self-managing teams that become the driving force of the business.

Greg’s passion is supporting leaders and companies but when not working you can find him exercising, riding motorcycles and studying new technologies for professional and personal development.


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