About Us

Greg Neil Associates (GNA) has over 20 years’ experience in business consulting and leadership training in many locations in the U.S. GNA has had tremendous success in helping leaders reshape the skills, processes, and cultural characteristics that bring new practices for business 123300-20151210operations to achieve their goals. GNA’s expertise in designing new ways for leaders and their teams to develop previously impossible capabilities to perform work, putting teams at the center of the process and leaving executives the freedom to design the future. GNA’s contributions to company profitability and efficiency happens through increasing productivity by unleashing each person’s greatest potential, designing practices of accountability, implementing powerful practices of reporting, tuning up metric drivers, improving meeting effectiveness, improving communication between leaders and staff while using personality diagnostics to increase understanding and communication skills.

GNA is headquartered in Arizona with national coverage capability.

Office: 520-749-4005

Cell: 415-699-8512

email: greg@gregoryneilassociates.com